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Smart Retail

The Future of Retail by AiBi

AiBi Uses AI And Machine Learning To Understand Your Customers Better

AiBi smart retail AI technology aims to provide retail business owners with a better understanding of their customers’ interests, and ultimately improving customers’ buying experience. AiBi uses machine learning to identify customers’ age and gender and predicts their product interests and brand preferences.

Through our purchase intention recognition technology, VIP customers can be identified immediately after they enter the store and offer a better personalized services.

25% of the world’s 250 leading retailers are already integrating AI into their organizations.
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How AiBi Help Your Business Growth?

Quantitative analysis is a critical tool for the success of retailers. Smart retail shops and shopping malls are using AI Recognition Technology designed to provide people counting and hot-zone analysis in shopping malls of various sizes.

By leveraging the data offered by Smart retail malls using AI Recognition Technology, shopping malls, department stores, and other business operators can use traffic data to benchmark their sales performance, quantitatively panning out their marketing campaigns, and spot VIP customers earlier to provide a better shopping experience.

AiBi Assist In Smart Retail Sales Growth

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