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Security and Safety

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AI Computer Vision To Predict And Prevent Accidents . Best in Security and Safety .

Although health and safety in the workplace and public areas has improved over the years, there are still a large number of workplace accidents happening in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and in Asia every year.

Most of these accidents can be avoided with the help of AI and computer vision.

As cameras and sensors proliferate, computer vision provides insights into public spaces and workplaces, airports and industrial sites, so that security and safety officers can make sense of a flood of images and data from both remote and high-traffic areas.

From social distancing detection to public safety monitoring, AiBi AI provides security teams with actionable insights. AiBi AI models analyze video streams both on the edge and in the cloud, capturing still images, generating metadata and sending alerts

Real-World Use Case Of AiBi Visual AI @Work.

Office Health and Safety Compliance

Ensure employees are wearing protective clothing. Fast alert system when non-compliance is detected. Benefits include lower insurance, costs and risks.

Facial Authentication

Strong identity confirmation for digital signature services, account access, patients, and more. Remote worker identity confirmation. VIP check ins. Liveness Detection prevents presentation attacks.

Health and Public Safety

Social distancing, cough, mask and fever detection models. Public and private spaces enabled with assurance that health risks are reduced without compromising privacy.

Remote Perimeter Sensing

Vehicle identification and license plate recording, boundary breaches, change, water or heat detection. Alerts and logs sent via text message. Increased awareness on edge.

Identify People, Heat Sources, And Objects

Identify people, heat sources, and objects with analysis of infrared or electro-optical from any source. Objects identified in under 0.02 seconds.

AiBi Computer Vision @Safety.

Proactive Approach To Prevent Accident Happen

One of the most exciting and valuable applications of AiBi computer vision is its use for safety and security. AiBi provides a smarter way for our security safety programs to proactively monitor and detect the risk of injuries and accidents by preventing them before they happen.

Combine Data and Machine Learning For Analytics

AiBi computer vision AI also provides best of the class analytics. AiBi do not rely on a reactive approach by analyzing past event data, AiBi uses machine learning to combine historical data to predict future incident. This is where AiBi excel and gets better and better each day.

Use AiBi AI To Predict And Stop An Accident Before It Happen

AiBi utilize accident leading indicators for incident prevention. These are actionable data points that identify a safety issue before the incident occurs. AI-enabled computer vision model and leading indicators go hand-in-hand. We provides accurate, real-time data that suggest preventative actions to address potential hazards before they cause an incident.

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