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Object Recognition

Computer Vision Is Transforming Every Industries

Our Unique Approach To Solve Business Challenges Using AiBi Object Recognition AI.

AiBi’s computer vision technology offers a variety of image recognition solutions for various industries including image organization, visual search, facial recognition, age and gender detection.
In the year 2021, the image recognition market is expected to grow to $29.98 billion. That also means you should definitely learn what opportunities it can bring to your business. Contact AiBi, let’s explore.

AiBi Is Well Trained And Capable To Do :

Object Classification

The objects can be classified into different categories.

Action Detection

AiBi can identify an action or gesture of the person or animals in the image.

Action Detection

AiBi can identify an action or gesture of the person or animals in the image.

Object Identification

Identifying the object in the image or a video feed.

Object Tracking

AiBi can track a specific object across a series of images and video feeds.

Forecasting Behavior

Computer vision systems can study the mood of people and forecast their reaction for new situations.

Object Verification

This includes checking if the required object is there in the image provided.

Object Counting

AiBi can track and count objects in an image or video feed.

Crowd Dynamics

AiBi can not only count people passing through but also track their direction and density.

Object Detection

Finding out the location of a specific object in the image is possible through computer vision systems.

Facial Recognition

AiBi can identify gender, age, emotions, the cultural appearance of people.

Object Character Recognition (OCR)

AiBi can identify the text and numbers written in an image.

Object Recognition

AiBi computer vision systems can recognize multiple objects and their location.

Let’s explore how object recognition can help your business